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Fic: Mau Loa Ohana

Title: Mau Loa Ohana
Beta(s):  Cazmalfoy
Characters/Pairings:  Steve/Danny, Past Steve/OFC
Summary: A case brings a secret from Steve's past to light, one that was right here on the Island but he'd been hiding it from the rest of the team. 
Disclaimer: All characters and concepts of Hawaii Five-0 belong to it's creators and production crew. I make no money from this and I only borrow the characters and concepts for fun so no breach of copyright is meant. 

Fic can be found at here

or at Archive of Our Own here

Chapters will be posted daily.

AN: Sooo, I know I haven't been around for a while (HI EVERYONE!!) I've finally gotten back into my writing so hopefully you'll see a little more of me around but I'm not making the same mistakes as last time. I'll only be posting works once they're finished so nothing will be left hanging from now on I promise.

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Um... hello?... anyone out there?

*Peeks out of the wood work*

...Hello? Not sure how many people are even watching here anymore but I thought it was about time I reappeared again so....

Ta Da!! I'm alive!! How is everyone!?!?

Well here's a bit of an update on me, if you're interested, if not you can skip to the writing update further down.

Collapse )


Now we come to the writing update and tentative plan.

Collapse )

Now that's done and I hope I haven't bored you all, I'd love to catch up with you all if you want to drop me a PM or comment and I promise not to take long in responding to them. If you have already during my time of disappearance I'm going to go through and answer any of those hopefully in the next couple of days.

I also want to say a big thank you for the Birthday messages I received on or just after the 10th. You guys are brilliant! *big hugs*


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Character Avatars.

So what do you get when you get a bored Xennie with a day off and a newly discovered avatar website.... a bunch of cute avatars, including my OCs from the Blood Series  :D

 EDIT: Torchwood Characters now added

Collapse )The website I used to make them is:    Gaia Dream Avatar
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Writing WIP Meme

Borrowed from lots of people on my flist. :)
Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

  • Teach's Birthday Fic
  • Secrets of Blood Rewrite
  • Year of Blood (Rewrite and finish)
  • Absence of Blood and following Blood Series sequels
  • 4 Life's Revelations Fics
  • Spilling Secrets
  • Reel_TW - The Lion King (which Greenrider85 has done some awesome artwork for!)
  • Reel_TW - Avatar
  • Wizarding Partners (Harry Potter)
  • Shadow History    (Ari and Dex Story)
  • Shadow Memories    (Zenia Story)
  • Shadow Moon      (Andre Story)
  • Shadow Law        (TV Series - Ifan's story)
  • Footsteps in the Darkness
  • Elementals
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Angel Cry

Queensland Flood Relief.

This one's definitely hitting close to home for me. My family are all in Western Australia but I still know people who live in Queensland or have family over there including one of my closest friends who's sister's lost her place in the floods.

Here's my offer over at gldfloodauction, bidding is open until the 26th Jan.
Thank you to everyone who's helping/donating/donated either through to auction or in their own way.


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2011 Plan...

Plans for 2011

Here is the list of tentatively planned fics for 2011.


Blood Series.
Yeah I know it's been a while and I left it at a really horrid spot so some of you probably want to kill me for that.
I went back to quickly re-read Secrets of Blood and Year of Blood to make sure I wasn't about to cause any plot hole with the next part of the story when it hit me how different SoB was to YoB in regards to my writing style and ability particularly in the first half of the fic. I hope I've been steadily improving since I wrote the first chapter of SoB but even if I haven't the styles were still quite different. I was going to ignore it but it really started to bug me and so I'm in the process of re-writing/revising SoB. This will mean there's a lot more detail to the fic as well as probably a few extra scenes and I'm considering including the higher rating scenes some of you have asked for as interludes but only for the key scenes like the boys first time or when they bond, they also won't be adding any new information so you can easily skip them if it's not your scene.
Once I've finished the SoB re-write I might repost it a chapter a day or all at once, I haven't decided yet.
YoB will get a little bit of a spruce up as well particularly at the start but it doesn't need as much work and then I'll be finishing the final chapters.

I'm currently working hard on finishing Pridelands which is my Lion King fic and hopefully I'll be done by the deadline of round three next Monday.
My Avatar fic is still being worked on, I'm gotten more done on it than last round but it's still not finished unfortunately so it'll probably be pushed off to round four which might be later on this year if similar dates are used as 2010.

Life's Revelations
The next one should be along shortly and there'll be more of them hopefully spread out throughout the year.

Spilling Secrets
I haven't forgotten about it I promise, I actually planned out the plot fully the other month so hopefully I'll get to it this year.

Wizarding Partners
Not a Torchwood fic, a Harry Potter one. I know unusual for me. I mentioned it in an earlier post but this fic bunny popped into my head while all the Harry Potter hype was running for the current movie. Said bunny the decided to turn into a fully planned (rather long) fic which I plan to write a bit later. Hopefully if you like Harry Potter you'll like this fic as much as you like my Torchwood fics.

There are also a few other bunnies, which will have to remain a surprise since I'm not going to jinx them by announcing them as I'm not sure I'll have time to write them after what I've already listed. One however will probably be my TW_BigBang fic if it's run again this year.

Now I'm going to sign off by wishing everyone the best 2011 they can have and I should be around a bit more online now so I'll talk to you all soon.

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It's that time again!

I know I vanished again and because of that I missed a few people's birthdays so
"Happy 'belated' Birthday"
to beth_mccombes, bookwrm89 and luvinthe88and20 I hope you all had gorgeous birthdays!

Plus it's that time of the year again so I want to wish everyone a

(Or whichever holiday it is that you celebrate)

*hugs*  Xennie


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New PDFs

I've finally got around to turning some of my last fics into PDFs.

Moon of Blood,   Life's Revelations: Phone Connections   and   That's All I Need To Know
have all been added to my PDFs page.

If there's a problem with any on the links just let me know and I'll fix them as soon as I can.
Enjoy :)

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Childern of Time Awards - Thank you!!

The results are out for the Children of Time Awards.

Phone Connections
Won the Torchwood general category!!

Thank you to everyone who read, voted and supported me, you're all brilliant!!
Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups, there were so many awesome fics nominated this round

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